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7 Ways to Speed ​​up Loading Blog

Do not let the weight of your blog, get virtual good afternoon my friend! One day I visited the blog kesubuah very heavy loading. to make me a little upset. and of course this pengalman not just me who feel. Hidarilah heavy blog as this will make your visitors become lazy to open your blog and when they did visit your blog but your blog I guarantee that visitors will not want to return again to access your blog for a very long time, so your blog will be abandoned . Therefore, here I will share tips on what to consider in preparing or following up a blog that can make your blog a weight:

1.Gambar your blog
Your blog should not contain many large images (have a big size) because it would burden the loading of your blog. If you want to put a picture of your blog, preferably size medium (between 20-30kb) should be below 20 kb anyway so it does not make your blog slow.
2. Widget
Before you install a new widget, it helps you calculate the stopwatch (from HP wrote) how long your blog to finish loading. After installing, count again if your blog is still getting slow or normal. If it takes 5-8 seconds longer open it can be said to be normal, but you should waste less necessary widgets. use only the essentials. which would be needed by your visitors.
Or gunkanlah Home and Page mode, where the widget can be in the settings will only open at certain pages. for how to make it please (read: change the position of the widget kang Rohman)
3. Ads
Too much advertising is also greatly affect the loading of your blog. Moreover, advertising is a form of flash ads and banners. necessary so use it!
4. HTML and Javascript code
Installation of javascript effects such as snow and so the effect can also make a blog a bit slow. Maybe there's more factors that could affect the loading blog,
5. Length article
The longer article that you created (usually more than 10 paragraphs it will lead the longer the loading of your blog. Especially when the contents of the article in the pictures. Avoid the use of images of high beresulusi
6. Avoid using the widget in the left column of
Avoid filling the left column with the weight of widgets. because it will make your blog the longer loading. install a widget that would heavily on sebalah the right column.
7. Number of comments
The more the number of comments (usually 50a +) makahal it will affect the loading, but only a special blog article that's all.


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