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Mystery of Life On Other Planets In addition to the Earth

How many thousands or how jutakah celestial bodies in the universe that are similar or identical to the earth near us, if God only created the heavenly bodies that can be populated by creatures such as we are only there on earth that we know so far, or in other parts of the universe There is also a life exactly the same as our earth, or perhaps her civilization more advanced than ours?? .. of extraterrestrial intelligent beings who until now has never been discussed by many scientists recede ...
Months .., all objects must be familiar with this tiny little thing that we see slalu accompany our night tonight, slalu cantikkya revealed the face of the earth creature comfort that the dark and lonely, but the origin of tau aja, which has been the face of the moon we see is only half of its parts, while the other half we never saw, The moon as seen from Earth / Earth facing it never changes.
In the search for traces of intelligent life outside Earth's moon is still full of mystery. we do not understand the dark side of the moon is invisible. It is said, the moon's dark side developed an intelligent life. It seems that the creatures are very strategic in choosing where to build their civilization center there, because it is not easily observed from Earth. Ufology base calling the creatures as "Luna". Ever since the first Apollo mission that landed on the moon (Apollo 11), the creatures seemed to not like the arrival of humans there. It is always marked by the emergence of mysterious flying objects always follow his path and as the aircraft-like spacecraft Apollo 7 mission and several Gemini missions to the Moon.
Ufology world, says there is an alien base on the Moon are very confidential. Although still a speculation, the signs of this will ever be experienced by the majority than we are the crew of Apollo who visited the moon. Of the seven Apollo missions to the Moon (Apollo 11 - 17), only Apollo 13 was a failure due to leaks that cause loss of service module oxygen supply, water, electricity, and the functions of the machine. Luckily the Apollo 13 astronauts can all be saved.
When visiting the moon, there are some strange events experienced by the Apollo astronauts. It seems there who feel disturbed by their arrival there, and it is characterized by the emergence of a series of strange events and odd at the time the astronauts approached the Earth's natural satellite. Is there really intelligent life on a moon base that is very mysterious?
Actually, the suspicions about the existence of intelligent beings on the moon has been the phenomenon can be observed by humans on earth. Reports came from many astronomers and astronomy enthusiasts from several countries around the world, including from Indonesia. Dedi Suardi example, when observing the moon with his telescope, the man known as an artist, writer and a serious interest in this astonomi witnessed strange events on the lunar surface. By the time he observed the moon with a telescope with a diameter of 8 Calestron Catadiotric ichi, he suddenly saw a black object similar to speedily dart back and forth from the horns of the moon to the other end of the horn. More fantastic again, in order to reach the other side of the moon, strange objects it only takes 1/2 seconds! This incident took place an hour before it disappeared from view telescope. The emergence of several mysterious objects around the moon also was reported by the American and French experts of astrology long before the Apollo missions conducted during those years along the 1920 - 1930's. Throughout that era, it often appears reports of astronomers about the emergence of a swarm of flying objects that shine and move back and forth around the moon. Even those reports had adorned newspapers and journals throughout the year.
Successful Fly luminous objects captured by Apollo 14 astronauts
It is more exciting astronomy enthusiasts including UFOlogy is when the reports regarding the existence of a "bridge" the mysterious surface of the moon sepenjang few miles which was witnessed by famous astrology expert John O'Neill. On July 29, 53, he was watching the object of a "bridge" that extends 12 nautical strange in the Mare Crisium Month. Yet somehow, a few days later a strange bridge disappeared. Is it true that intelligent beings dismantle the bridge because it is too obvious so it can be easily observed by humans on Earth?
(Considering its location is also not the "dark side" of the moon itself)
While O'Neil's testimony was derided by many other astronomers, there was expert testimony month from the UK HPWalkins bully, who insists that he witnessed a strange bridge that suddenly appeared it! After that, Patrick Moore, a member of the British Astronomical Association, also look at the moon bridge that connects the mountain with other mountains in the plains of Mare Crisium / Sea of ​​Crysis. Even stranger, 84 years before the testimony of O'Neill, Swift from Matton II, witnessed objects moving across the moon on August 7, 1869, twenty minutes before the total solar eclipse. Even five years later, precisely in 1874, Monsieur Lemey, an expert in the skies of France, reported that he saw the objects that there are huge numbers, black, flocked across the lunar surface.
A German astronomer named J.H. Schroeter, who most of his life devoted to making map of the Moon, on September 26, 1788, saw a bright white light, just like a star, suddenly shiny around the tops of the Alps near the surface of the moon craters or crater Plato. The light continued to shine about fifteen minutes and then disappear. These light rays are not likely came from a meteor.
At the Lowell Observatory in Arizona, on October 30, 1963, another astronomer, John Greenacre saw the red light on the surface of the Moon. Beam is very strong according to Greenacre 'is similar to that of the ruby ​​gemstone. "
Recently a survey of books and reports proving that astronomers have made 400 reports of strange events such month in a period longer than 400 years. Careful study was conducted by two prominent astronomers, Patrick A. Moore of the Armagh Planetarium in Northern Ireland, and Barbara M. Middlehurst, from your Lunar Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona.
In fact, of all the mysterious events in the month have been observed from Earth is a light-strange and mysterious light coming from the Mare Crisium, the exact same area with the emergence of a large bridge that is seen by O'Neill and HP Wilkins in the 1950s. Dozens of astronomers to see the lights that often form the geometry of these formations, as if there is an intelligence that control it.
Luminous flying object which had enshrined the Apollo 15 astronauts on the Moon
Then, there are confusing signals they send to us to affirm that they really exist?
An interesting case of the above questions is that in the period 1927 - 1934, at which time it was the beginning of our radio technology. There are some mysterious signals captured around the moon. signs of this radio was captured by several investigators radio. One sign is successfully received by Marconi Tesla.
In 1956, again received a mysterious signals received by astronomers at Ohio University. These confusing signals sent by an object is said to be moving very fast toward the moon, and the object was successfully observed by astronomers, both at Ohio University and a British astronomer. Can not understand, what is the meaning of the signals they send to us this?
The first astronauts saw UFOs while orbiting the Major Gordon Cooper, during the 21 orbit Mercury flight mission with Faith 7 (May 15, 1963). While I was doing exactly the orbit of the fourth and was on Hawaii, he reported hearing strange voices transmissions which he called "a foreign language is not understood". Apparently, the sound was cut VHF channel specifically intended for space flight. 'The voice is recorded that did not match any language found in this world. Finally proved that the sound was not the tongue spoken by any nation in this world, finally proved that the sound was not the tongue spoken by any nation in this world, but in saying comes from the tongue completely foreign to our world. Even though NASA scientists had to roll back the tape many times they still can not analyze it, according to one reliable source.
Then, most of the Gemini and Apollo astronauts saw a UFO at the time of entering the orbit of the Moon. Apollo astronauts always followed the UFO at the time of the journey to the moon. In fact, there are photographs to prove it all, especially the photo of a UFO that had perpetuated by the astronauts of Apollo 14 and 16. Some photos also show the existence of mysterious flying objects hovering above the astronauts on the lunar surface.
On Gemini 9 flight over mencenangkan again. A statement issued by NASA mentions shocks to the body caused by the collision plane flying disc-shaped object. Not only that, even on a previous mission in June 1965, Major James McDivitt, and the skies beyond the first walker, Major Edward White saw and photographed a luminous object shaped like an egg capsule Gemini 4 is close to being diorbitkan. The astronauts see it, but do not understand the real thing is it?
Apollo 11 mission to the moon also marked by a less friendly reception. When the aircraft was approaching the moon, the astronauts heard strange voices that blend in with the radio broadcast space. Even the Mission Control were puzzled by this.
An unconfirmed report states that at the time Buzz Aldrin opened the door after Apollo 11 landed on the moon, he saw a transparent creature looking at him from outside the aircraft. In fact, there is a report from outside NASA angakasa members, Otto Binder who tells the story of the emergence of a UFO above the lunar surface. Aldrin and Armstrong watched it. Binder continued his story with a shocking report and almost unbelievable this: "It seems that when the astronauts Aldrin and Armstrong were turning some away from the LEM, Armstrong Aldrin's arm excitedly clutching and exclaimed:" What's this? Geez, what is this? That's what I want to know. "
In the Apollo 11 mission, mankind on earth are represented by some of the Apollo 11 astronauts and U.S. President Richard Nixon at the time, had greeted the residents of the month (if it exists) with best wishes and peaceful. This was done by Niel Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are plugged plaque was signed by the three, reads thus: "Here Man from Planet Earth First Set Foot Upon the Moon. July 1969 A.D. We Came in Peace for All Mankind "
That's the greeting message and we leave it to the inhabitants of the moon and other space explorers, so that we can indicate that humans have visited the moon the earth, we come in peace for them. But it seems the residents of the month is not fully convinced of the message is given later Apollo missions, they are always suspicious of our arrival there. Do they feel threatened and afraid when the man of the earth to build research centers and control where they live?
Considers that in the month there is a basis of intelligent beings are not without foundation, because the astronauts saw the strange objects. Even the most objective scientist must recognize that there can not be explained by events that take place on the surface of the Moon and beyond.
Other evidence for the existence of something unusual on the surface of the moon is a satellite photograph of the couple who had taken the American-owned spacecraft (NASA) and Russian. -Structure of some of the strictures are successfully retrieved lunar surface, there is a mysterious obyek-obyek/struktur-struktur which can only be seen when done several times magnification. Space planes the United States, RANGER II that perpetuates more than 200 pieces of photographs on the lunar surface could also grasp the image some mysterious flying object that hovered around the crater of the moon.
In the Apollo 12 mission was no better. Saturn rocket carrying three astronauts of Charles "Pete" Conrad, Dick Gordon and Allan Bean, to the Moon on Friday 14 November, 1969, was also experienced something strange. When Apollo 12 had just been at an altitude of one mile and a half above the Earth, there is a flash of light that strikes suddenly. The incident resulted in all the electrical appliances spacecraft was halted, leaving row upon row of circuit waves that suddenly open to emit a bright green flame.
Overloading causes other functional appliances do not work, all jammed systems. By default, the fuel cell system of the plane was suddenly cut off.
For a moment, as if everything would be destroyed, but the astronauts remain calm and about three minutes later all the power and recover the aircraft systems. Where did the arrival of lightning that strikes it remains a mystery to experts outside of our space.

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