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The Vanishing Maya Revealed

Maya tribes, is one of the most famous and mysterious tribe in the world. They are notorious for having high cultural and bequeathed magnificent buildings such as the house of the dove (pigeon house) in the Mesoamerican region. This tribe is also considered to be mysterious, because it just disappear from the stage of history. Not a trace.
Until now, archaeologists continue to uncover the mystery of this nation. Thanks to persistence, it seems the mystery disappearance of these tribes began to unfold.
According to researchers from the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, USA, as quoted by LiveScience, tribes may become extinct due to climate change. This conclusion is obtained when they studied the Central American region via satellite.
Satellite program that scanned the area known as SERVIR. Launched in early 2005. Initially, these satellites are used to help the government block of forest fires, increasing the potential of land and help repair environmental damage. In fact, this satellite program not only helps in these matters, but also found traces of the ancient Maya. These traces likely to agricultural areas that were severely damaged past.
Servir give information, that climate change may damage the ecosystem and biodiversity are owned Maya environment.
Previously, there was much conjecture about the cause of the loss of the Maya. Some say disbabkan by hurricanes, overpopulation, disease outbreaks to a peasant uprising. However, the only archaeologist Nasa, Sever, said that the extinction was probably caused by climate change.
The Maya may be fertile ground to exploit the so-called bajos and depend on this land. The proof, satellite images showed the existence of ancient demaga, irrigation canals and agricultural fields.
When the long dry season hit by climate change, fertile agricultural land is to be baked and not produce. This brings a major setback for the Maya until they finally disappeared from history.

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